Andrew Rider 1722 Lease

The following is a transcription of the Andrew Rider’s land lease in Bohemia Manor, Cecil Co., MD, dated June 7, 1722.

Source: June D. Brown, Abstracts of Cecil County, Maryland, Land Records: 1673-1751 (Westminster, MD: Willow Bend Books, 1999), pg. 157

 This Indenture made this Seventh day of June in the eighth year of the Reign of our Sovereign Lord George by the grace of god of Great Britain, France and Ireland King defender of the faith Anno ye Dom one thousand and Seven hundred and twenty two between Ephraim Augt. Herman of Cecil County in the Province of Maryland, Gent, of the one part, and Andrew Rider of the same place, Planter, of the other part; Witnesseth that the said Eph Aug Herman for and in consideration of the Yearly Rents and Services herein after Mentioned have demised leesed and to farm lett and Sett and do by these Psents Demise lease and to farm lett & Sett unto the said Andrew Rider a tenament of land being part of Bohemia Manor; Beginning at the bounded tree of the land that William Husband took up, Standing on the North side of new Castle Road then up along the said Road East and by North one hundred and twenty perches to a Hakery [Hickory?] Standg by the said Road; thence North and by West one hundred and Sixty perches to a bounded red Oak; thence along the said line South South East to the first bounded tree containing one hundred twenty five acres of land; the said land formerly being taken up by James Wood and now called Andrew’s Comeby; To have and to hold all & singular the above said land with all Houses Outhouses Orchards Gardens and all and Singular the appurtenances unto the said Andrew Rider his heires and assigns for and during three naturall lives; that is to say for and during the Naturall life of him the said Andrew Rider & during the Naturall life of Peter Ryder & during the Natural life of Joseph Rider; he the said Andrew Rider his heires Exors admors or any in Possession Yielding and paying therefore yearly and every year unto the said Eph Augt Herman his heires Exors Admors and assigns on every tenth day of December during the above said three naturall lives at the [New? Now?] dwelling of the said Eph Augt Herman the full Sum of two Pounds lawfull Silver Money of Maryland or the Value thereof in good Merchantable leaf Tobacco good Winter Wheat Barley or Indian Corn and two Dunghill fowles; And the said Eph Augt Herman doth for himself and his heires Covent grant and agree to and with the said Andrew Rider heires and assigns that they the above said land & Premises with all houses out houses Orchards gardens & all & Singular the appurtenances thereunto belonging shall quietly and Peaceably have hold occupy Possess and enjoy during the abovesaid three naturall lives without any lett hindrances or Molestation of either the said Eph Augt Herman his heires Exors Admor or assigns or any other person or persons whatsoever lawfully claiming the same according to the true intent purport and meaning of these presents; And the said Andrew Rider doth for himself and his heires Covenant grant and agree to & with the said Eph Augt Herman that he the said Andrew Rider his heires & assigns shall & will in all things Demeane & behave themselves according to the common custom of Tennants of Mannors in old England to the true Performances of all & every thing and things Article and Articles herein above Mentioned both parties have hereunto interchangeably Set their hands and Seales ye Year & day above written; Sealed and delivered in the presence of us: William Taylor, Augt Larramore.

Eph. Augt Herman [Seal]

Memd Ye Word (heires and assigns) in the Eleventh line was Interlined before Delivery hereof -- Maryland Cecil County [City?] The 15th day of Aug. 1722 then came the within named Eph Augt Herman before us the Subscribers two of his Lordships justices for the said County and did acknowledge the within Lease in due form before us         

Edward Jackson

James Alexander
Recorded the 15th day of August 1722 D.S. Knight Clk