About Chris Rutter

I am a 10th-generation descendent of Conrad Ritter / Rutter through his son Joseph and the ancestral line shown below. Please note, however, that my research has focused exclusively on Conrad and his children. I do not have any additional genealogical information on the other people shown in this list.

Conrad Ritter / Rutter and ?? (wife’s name unknown)

Joseph Ritter / Rutter and Barbara (nee Bichler)

Andrew Ritter / Rutter and Jane (nee Lightner)

Adam Rutter and Barbara (nee King)

Andrew Rutter and Susan (nee Gibson)

Jacob Small Rutter and Harriet Tabitha (nee Fry)

Abner Fry Rutter and Lydia Ann (nee Gregg)

Chester Gregg Rutter and Rachel Beatrice (nee Ridgely)

James Keith Rutter and Mary Helen (nee Odegard)

James Christopher Rutter