Conrad Ritter / Rutter:  Pennsylvania Pioneer

Jeremiah Everts 1748 Estate Distribution

An account of the distribution of Jeremiah Everts’ estate, dated March 4, 1747/8.

Source:  Lancaster County Historical Society, Archives, Estate Inventory,Inv. 1737/8, box 99, folder 2

Pequea March ye 4th, 1747/8


Having with mature deliberation weighed ye case with respect to ye estate of Jeremiah Evats ye result of which, (I being slow of speech) have made bold to commit to manuscript, as follows, viz, ye whole estate vendue money & all 9save ye 3 pounds that was mistaken and for with there is no bond nor acknowledgement)

                                                                                                                                                                     L             S               d

                                                                                                                                                                     183        4               0

Out of which there is paid to Matthew Leary by virtue of Orphan’s Court                   46           8             6

My charge as may be seen in my account                                                                            12           1             11-1/2


In all, to be reduced out of ye above estate                                                                                       58           10               5-1/2

So yet when L58 S10 d5-1/2 is taken from L183 S4 d0 I presume thee will remain L124 S13 d6-1/2 ye which when orderly divided among them as you tould me will (I believe) appear to be thus viz.

                                                                                                                                                                     L             S               d             [qr?]

To ye mother                                                                                                                                             41           11               2             0 1/3

To ye eldest son                                                                                                                         23           14           11               0 14/6

To each of ye other five                                                                                                           11           15           5               ½ 7/3

Now Dear Sir I would that you would with all possible speed dispatch ye affair as authentick as may be to prevent further cavils between me and those concerned, [Concinding/], Sir, Yours in ye most profound manner, Conrad Rutter

Amo of [tally?] to be deducted p.

231  13  9

  53  16  0


 71  17  9