Conrad Ritter / Rutter:  Pennsylvania Pioneer

Jeremiah Everts 1748 Estate Account

Account of Jeremiah Everts’ estate, prepared by Conrad Rutter Jr. [date unknown]

Source:  Lancaster County Historical Society, Archives, Estate Inventory,Inv. 1737/8, box 99, folder 2

Account Jeremia Evats Estate

Conrad Rutter, Administrator

The Accompt of Conrad Rutter, Administrator on the Estate of Jeremia Evats, Deceased, as well of all and singular the goods & chattles of the said deceased which came to the hands of the said Accomptor as of their payments to and out of the same.

L S d

An abatement made to George Maccard who bought the plantation by order 50 0 cut off

of the Orphans Court in photo

Pd Matthew Lery of Account exhibited [?] all by Orp. Court 39 3 copyPd Marcus Cooly 1-11-0 ½ to pd Geo. Bighly 6/6 1 10Pd a Clear for drawing some Account 0 2John Montgomery 0 2Sum for appraisement and cleark drawing [Do?] 0 43 bushels of rye & oats for deced's cows before vendue 0 5Straw for [Do?] 0 3Pd for writing advertisement for the vendue 0 310 gallons of Liquor at vendue 1 10Pd Clerk & crier at vendue 0 12The administrator's cost of time, trouble, expenses about the estate 5 0Drawing out the administration account copy and [Quietus?] 0 5Settling the above account 2

The charge of ye Orphan's Court 0 14

100 17 1

Balance remaining in the Administrator's hands to be applied as the Orphan's 107 2 4

Court shall direct


289 19 5

The said Accompters charge themselves with all ye singular the goods and chattles of the deced mentioned in an Inventory thereof exhibited remaining in the Registers Office at Lancaster amounting to:

139 1 6

Advance of sales at Vendue amounting to: 140 17 11


289 19 5

Exhibition in the Registers Office at Lancaster

The mark of Conrad Rutter, Administrator